68th Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
(ISTAM - 2023)

(An International Conference)

December 07-09, 2023

Conference Topics

Relevant topics are listed below, however not limited to

Fluid Mechanics

  • FM1 Aerodynamics and Propulsion
  • FM2 Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography
  • FM3 Biofluid Dynamics
  • FM4 Boundary Layer and Compressible Flows
  • FM5 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • FM6 Electrohydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics
  • FM7 Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics
  • FM8 Geophysics and Astrophysics
  • FM9 Heat and Mass Transfer
  • FM10 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Porous media
  • FM11 Low-Reynolds Number Flow
  • FM12 Mathematical Modelling
  • FM13 Multiphase Flow
  • FM14 Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow
  • FM15 Stability of Fluid Flow
  • FM16 Biomechanics

Solid Mechanics

  • SM1 Aerospace Structures
  • SM2 Computational Solid Mechanics
  • SM3 Control Structures
  • SM4 Elasticity
  • SM5 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics
  • SM6 Fracture Mechanics
  • SM7 Mechanics and Composites
  • SM8 Strcutural Dynamics
  • SM9 Viscoelasticity and Creep
  • SM10 Wave Propagation
  • SM11 Biomechanics