The Andhra Pradesh Society for Mathematical Sciences (APSMS) was found three decades ago with initial efforts of Late Prof. N.Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu, the then Professor of Mathematics, Regional Engineering College, Warangal, and Prof. P.V. Arunachalam, the then Professor of Mathematics, Sri Venkateswara University, Thirupathi, & Former Vice Chancellor, Dravidian University. Since its inception, the APSMS has grown in size and important. It has been successively and successfully organizing its annual congresses, providing a forum for research workers, young and old, to present their finding and for reviewing the state of the art in their specialized areas of Mathematical sciences besides bringing together academics for camaraderie and intellectual interaction. APSMS has been renamed as APTSMS (Andhra Pradesh Telangana Society for Mathematical Sciences) in 2018. This is only organization of its size devoted to Mathematical Sciences


  1. Prof N. Kishan, President, Osmania University, Hyderabad
  2. Prof B. Krishna Reddy, Vice President, Osmania University, Hyd
  3. Dr. A. Chandulal, Vice- President, N. S. U. Tirupati
  4. Dr. C. Jaya Subba Reddy, General Secretary, S. V. University, Tirupati
  5. Dr. P. Narsimha Swamy, Office Secretary, GITAM University, Hyd
  6. Dr. P. Maddileti, Treasurer, M. G. University, Nalgonda
  7. Prof E. Kesava Reddy, Ex-Officio, JNTU Anantapur
  8. Prof T. Srinivas, Co-optee Member, Kakatiya University, Warangal
  9. Prof B. Satyanarayana, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
  10. Prof Ch. Shanti Sunder Raj, Member, AU College of Engng, Vizag
  11. Prof M. C. Raju, Member, JNTU Kalikiri
  12. Dr. L. Madhavi, Member, Y.V. University, Kadapa
  13. Dr. E. Rama, Member, UCS, Siafabad, Hyderabad
  14. Dr. K. Phaneendra, Member, Osmania University, Hyderabad
  15. Dr. T. Sreelakshmi, Member, Arts College, KU, Warangal
  16. Dr. S. Siva Reddy, Ex-Officio, GITAM University, Hyd
  17. Dr. G. V. V. Hema Sundar, Member, ISWS College, Mumbai

Endowment Lectures of APTSMS

    • Prof. N. V. Subramanyam Endowment Lecture in Algebra sponsored by Prof. N. V. Subramanyam Shashthyabdipurti Felicitation Committee.
    • Prof. Kesiraju Satyanarayana memorial Lecture in Geometry sponsored by Prof. N. Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu.
    • Endowment Lecture in Number Theory sponsored by Prof. K. P. R. Sastry.
    • Sri. D. Venkatachari memorial Lecture in Applied Mathematics sponsored by D. V. Krishna and his brothers.
    • Prof. S. N. N. Pandit Endowment Lecture in Applied Statistics sponsored by Prof. V.V. Haragopal.
    • Prof. R. Vaidyanatha Swamy memorial Lecture in Pure Mathematics sponsored by Prof.V. V. Subramanya Sastry.
    • Smt & Sri G.P. Sharma memorial Lecture on Theoretical Computer Sciences sponsored by Dr. G. Lalitha.
    • Prof. M. L. Narayana Rao memorial Lecture in Algebra and its Applications to Geometries sponsored by his students.
    • Prof A. Kanduri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Endowment Lecture in Algebra and Applications sponsored by Prof. K. L. N. Swamy Felicitation Committee.
    • Prof A. Radha Krishna Endowment Lecture in Algebra sponsored by his students Prof. T. Srinivas and Dr. K. Yugandhar.
    • Lecture in honor of Prof. N .Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu, one of the Founding Members of APSMS instituted by Some Life Members of APSMS, Admirers and Research Associates of Prof. N. Ch. Pattabhi Ramacharyulu.
    • Prof. Bhavanari Satyanarayana Endowment Lecture in Algebra, sponsored by his research scholars and students.
    • Prof. P.V. Arunachalam Endowment Lecture in Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics sponsored by the staff of the Department of Mathematics, S.V. University, Tirupati.
    • Prof. Kuncham Syam Prasad and Prof. Bhavanari Satyanarayana Endowment Lecture on Gamma-Near-Rings, sponsored by Mr. Mallikarjun Bhavanari and Mrs. Jaya Lakshmi Bhavanari.
    • Prof. B. Maheswari Endowment Lecture in Graph Theory, sponsored by her research scholars, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati.
    • Prof. T. Srinivas Endowment Lecture on Near-Rings, sponsored by his students Dr. T. Nagaiah and Dr. P. Narasimha Swamy.
    • Prof. Sreedharamalle Sreenadh Endowment lecture in Applied Mathematics sponsored by Dr.ANS.Srinivas and Dr.R. Hemadri Reddy.
    • Prof. Davuluri Ramakotaiah, Prof. Yenumula Venkateswara Reddy and Prof. Bhavanari Satyanarayana Endowment lecture on Near rings sponsored by Mr. Mallikarjun Bhavanari and Mrs.Jayalakshmi Bhavanari.
    • Prof.G. C. Rao Endowment lecture in Algebra Sponsored by his student Dr.G. Nanaji Rao.
    • Prof. Bhavanari Satyanarayana and Dr.Sriramula Eswaraiah setty Endowment Lecture in Mathematics Sponsored by Mrs.Jaya Lak
    • Prof. K.Suvarna Endowement Lecture in Algebra and its Applications, Sponsored by Dr.C.Jaya Subba Reddy, S.V.University, Tirupati.
    • Prof. Bhavanari Satyanarayana, Prof. Kuncham Syam Prasad and Dr. Kedukodi Babushri Srinivas, Endowment lecture on Near rings and related Algebraic Structures Sponsored by Mrs. Jaya Lakshmi Bhavanari, Mrs. Anitha Bodla, and Mrs.Vrishali Naryana Bhat.
    • Prof.Vijaykumar Varma Endowment lecture in the field Vedic Mathematics/Applicable Mathematics sponsored by Dr.K. Nagamanemma, Prof. Anand Kumar, Dr. V. Rajesh, Prof. K. Balamurugan and M. Chengal Raju
    • Professor U. M. Swamy Endowment Lecture in Algebra Sponsored by Prof. Ch. Santhi Sundar Raj and his Research Students.
    • Prof. Nyalakonda Gopal Reddy Endowment Lecture in Functional Analysis and Operator Theory, Sponsored by Prof. B. Surender Reddy (OU), Prof. B. Krishna Reddy(OU), Dr. G. Upender Reddy(MGU) and Dr. D. Sudheer Reddy (Adrin, Dept of Space)